Boostify's Terms of service


As a buyer of "Boostify," it is your obligation and responsibility to read the terms of service in their entirety. By reading, conceptualizing, and accepting such terms, you are further bound by such terms, and no exceptions will be afforded to you.
You must not kick or ban any of our bots when purchasing boosts. You must not have any bots installed on your server that could ban or kick any of our bots. Make Sure you give us Permanent Discord Server Invite Link. If we believe that you have violated this agreement, the warranty can be voided.
There are no refunds except for when we cannot give replacements. Contact us ASAP if you haven't received your product or service within 20 minutes.
If a service with no warranty stops working after 24 hours, "Boostify" and any parties associated are not entitled to replace it. All sales are final. "Boostify" and any parties associated are not responsible for any buyer conduct after purchase.

Warranties and Guarantees

It is important to note that all warranties stated on the site as well as on Discord and other sources published by Boostify are only for as long as Boostifys service is working and not patched. This includes all 1 month, 3 month, Lifetime and all other Warranties. Boostify will not provide any refund or replacement incase the service stops working or because of any other technical issues out of our control.

Pertinent Information Regarding Your Privacy

Most credit card processors require a bank-issued card that is linked to pertinent personal information, including but not limited to your name, address, SSN, DOB, and others that compromise your privacy and anonymity. If this is important to you, you must use cryptocurrency and a secure email such as Gmail during checkout. To protect all participating parties of the said transaction(s), no temporary emails shall be used as an acceptable delivery vessel for any products purchased from "Boostify." You must have access to the said email that you stipulated for use. "Boostify" and all parties within waive all liability regarding email accessibility or compatibility from products purchased.

Expectations and Proper Conduct

Once the transaction is complete, the product(s) and service(s) will be delivered to you within a short period. Once received, the buyer's obligation and responsibility is to use the product immediately and report any significant discrepancy to 'Boostify' and staff.
The feedback system in the shop is arbitrary and not used as a mechanism for support. "Boostify" and all parties associated do not utilize such a system for support. If you fail to heed direction and leave negative feedback on such a system, then you void all warranties and shall be refused any service going forward until negative feedback is removed or changed.
Any action or inaction where the buyer commits misrepresentation, deception, or ill intent against "Boostify" or any parties associated shall warrant an immediate void in all liability and responsibility. It shall also deem you ineligible to be a customer in the future here within. You shall be banned from any groups owned by, associated, affiliated with, any sister sites, or partners thereof "Boostify" and all the parties related to.
Any issues must be addressed through support in a respectful, concise manner. The issue must pertain to "Boostify" products and services for sale in the shop you personally purchased. No tutorials are given by support; buyers are responsible for obtaining the knowledge to use said products and services. Intelligent questions are acceptable pertaining to your personal purchase.


The goods and products from this proposed store are for educational and promotional use only. They impose reality and are not intended to be used as such. No illegal means are intended. 'Boostify' and all associated parties rescind all liability regarding the buyer's usage. Contact us: [email protected]